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We are Julia and Kesh - we founded our dream project ALEGRIA River Hideaway & Retreats in 2022. 


Julia - I call myself a ‘radical life lover’. Born in Berlin/Germany, life has led me from competitive gymnastics to dance, to becoming a globally known wellness presenter and educator. While bringing up two children, I always held on to my dream of living a simple life close to nature. Moving to Costa Rica January 2016 has changed my life in such a way that I want to share my daily experiences, practices and adventures with likeminded people. There is nothing more fulfilling than being of service and to share my passion for mindful movement, dance, bodywork, quiet time and all the little daily things I do for others and myself.


Kesh - Always with a smile on my face, I’m the heart of the Alegria experience. Born in Guyana, I migrated to Canada at a young age and started my career as an IT analyst while being a father of 2 daughters. After 20 years I realized that life has much more to offer. This life change required me to be flexible, creative, innovative and always willing to thrive. I love to spread my infectious positivity which brought me to Costa Rica offering Tourist Tours during the cold Canadian winters. My dream in Costa Rica has always been to design and build eco-friendly container homes which reflect the simple Pura Vida lifestyle. 

"We want to contribute to a conscious tourism and help our guests to unplug from the stressful world and reconnect with nature. Everybody should leave our place with magical and impactful memories for positive change."

It's All About Values


We have a profound respect for the land upon which we built our eco-friendly container homes. Inspired by the local culture, we designed simple yet modern accommodations and located them thoughtfully, to retain the purity of nature. We wish for Costa Rica and our place to remain a paradise, where its magic can be witnessed and honored by everyone.


We are convinced that we should all have the freedom to make conscious decisions for ourselves. To decide which actions we want to take, how we want to live and which relationships we want to foster - completely independent from others but always eager to contribute positively to the bigger picture.


We strive to create a place free from judgments. We strongly believe that unique perspectives, experiences and backgrounds always lead to better environments and greater human bonds. Because life without diversity would be pretty boring, right? Alegria River Hideaway & Retreats is a place, where everyone feels empowered, where everyone feels like they belong.


We think it is important to step out of your comfort zone and to consider other ideas, opinions or lifestyles. If we let our hearts and minds stay open, we are able to let go of old belief systems, will learn so much more and embrace personal growth.

No more Words, but Pictures

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