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Alegria Exprience


Our space offers the perfect location for movement classes, retreats, ceremonies and events. Immerse into nature and enjoy the Alegria Experience

Discover Endless Possibilities

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We strongly believe that our unique location holds endless possibilities. For this reason, we have created an beautifully crafted open air space that offers everything you need for movement classes, wellness treatments, retreats and more. With hardwood floors, a traditional thatched roof, an adjacent lounge area and 180 degree view over the magical Costa Rican jungle, there is no better spot to reconnect with yourself, nature and the universe. 


You want to spice up your stay with us or be part of one of our upcoming retreats? You are looking for an intimate space to host your next retreat or ceremony? Find out more about our offerings. 


Joyful Exercising

In our workouts, we always want to be kind to ourselves. By creating a flow between tension and releasing, activity and passivity, dynamic and static all our classes are about balance and conscious movement to improve your health and well-being.


We offer 60 minute private and couple classes of joyful exercising: yoga, functional training, Groove dance classes, meditations and more. We can't wait to move with you!

Wellness Treatments

Wellness Treatments

Bring your body back into alignment and harmony. With rebalancing bodywork, massages, Reiki and sound healing we help you to release physical pain, emotional trauma and tension stored in your body. Our owner Julia is a certified massage therapists from the world-renowned school of rebalancing and will guide you to more mobility, relaxation and repair.


We offer 90 minutes private treatments and a 14-night rebalancing package (including 10 rebalancing treatments and 5 rebalancing movement sessions
on the mat)



In our own retreats we take you on a joyful and adventurous journey to the innate wisdom of your being - shared with others and facilitated by Julia and Kesh. Our retreats have limited space for up to 12 people and include mindful movement classes, bodywork and treatments. We will share our favorite spots and activities to let you explore Costa Rica like you have never before: River swimming and hiking, daily beach time far from the crowds, Groove dance parties in the jungle, fire pit under the starts and so much more. Join the Alegria Experience!

Host Your Retreat

Host Your Retreat or Event

Are you looking for an intimate venue for your retreat, event or ceremony? Our 100 sqm open air space with hardwood floor, palm roof and sound system is the ideal location for mindful movements, meditations, dancing, breathwork, plant medicine, cacao ceremonies or what ever your heart desires. Located half way up a hill in the heart of the jungle, this unique space provides total privacy. 


Want to stay overnight or longer? You can book all of our five river cabins that can accommodate up to 12 people.


Ready to book your Alegria Experience?

Send us a message for more personalized information and to find out if we are the right fit for you.

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