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  • Where is Alegria River Hideaway & Retreats located?
    Alegria River Hideaways & Retreats is located near the small village San Juanillo, just 18km up the coast from Nosara. This area of Costa Rica is one of only five Blue Zones on earth, where people have an extraordinarily long life expectancy. We have the privilege to be nestled in the middle of the jungle, outside of the touristy area and far away from the crowds.
  • What is the best way to come to Alegria River Hideaway & Retreats?
    Costa Rica has two international airports. The closest one is Liberia International (LIR) which is a 2 hour drive away from Alegria River Hideaways & Retreats. San Jose International (SJO) is a 5 hour drive. We highly recommend booking a 4x4 rental car in advance to get from the airport to us and around the area. You have the option to take a flight on the domestic carrier Sansa to bring you from Liberia and San Jose to the local airport/airstrip of Nosara (NOS). These planes are very small aircrafts which only allow ca. 13 kg baggage. From Nosara it is a 45 minute drive to Alegria River Hideaway & Retreats. Note: A valid passport is mandatory to enter Costa Rica. Please look up the travel requirements from your country of residence.
  • How can I access Alegria River Hideaway & Retreats?
    Alegria River Hideaway & Retreats is only 1 km off the main road 160 between Marbella and San Juanillo right by the bridge over Rio Cuajiniquil (see on Google Maps). Turn into the only small road right south of the bridge and follow that road. You will have to cross the river bed 3 times until you’ll arrive at Alegria River Hideaway & Retreats. The river is low during our rental period. Drive straight through the first one, make a c-curve towards your right with the current and then go to the left back up into the road, the last time you need to cross, you’ll already see our gate, drive straight through.
  • Do you recommend renting a car?
    Yes, we highly recommend renting a car (ideally a small SUV with 4x4). Alegria River Hideaway & Retreats is only accessible via dirt roads which is one of the many things that makes this place so special. To get around the area (beaches, supermarket, restaurants etc.) you definitely need a car. Please ask us for our recommendations regarding car rental companies.
  • How far is Alegria River Hideaway & Retreats from the beach?
    There are many beaches close to Alegria River Hideaway & Retreats. Playa San Juanillo is only a 15-minute drive away and the favorite beach of the locals. Right next to it is the so-called Tree Tops beach, a beautiful white sand beach with calm water. Playa Ostional, famous for the ‘Turtle Arribada’, has black sand and is perfect for a long beach walk. You can get to this magical place in just 20 minutes by car. If you are looking for a good surf session, you should visit Playa Marbella (20 minute drive) or Playa Guiones in the vibrant town of Nosara (45 minute drive).
  • Is the area safe?
    Yes, the area and our property are safe. We advise you to not leave any valuables unguarded when traveling around Costa Rica particularly on the beaches or visible in the car.
  • Are there supermarkets and restaurants in the area?
    You can find a small supermarket and some authentic local restaurants in San Juanillo that is only a 15 minute drive away.
  • Is there an ATM nearby?
    No, the closest one is an BCR (Banco di Costa Rica) ATM at the Nosara gas station (45 minute drive from Alegria River Hideaway & Retreats). It is best to come with cash even if most of the restaurants and stores accept credit cards. Use the local currency Colones or USD which are accepted at most places.
  • Where is the next gas station?
    The nearest gas station to Alegria River Hideaway & Retreats is in Nosara (45 minute drive). If you are coming from a place near Tamarindo you can use the gas station in Villareal which is a 75 minute drive to Alegria River Hideaway & Retreats. From the international airport of Liberia you have the option to drive through Santa Cruz. The town has a gas station and it also takes you about a 75 minute drive to get to us.
  • Are there health/medical services in the area?
    Local doctors and pharmacies are available in Nosara (45 minute drive from Alegria River Hideaway & Retreats). You can find general information about health services on
  • When is check-in and check-out time?
    The check-in is possible before it gets dark (before 5:30 PM). The check-out is until 12 AM.
  • What should I pack for my stay at Alegria River Hideaway & Retreats?
    Pack light, casual and comfortable clothes. Don’t forget: Water shoes/trekking sandals, hat, long sleeve shirt for nights and early mornings, water bottle, sun screen, flashlight, mosquito repellent (natural if possible). A dry bag is always helpful, if you have one. Important: A converter is needed for European electrical plugs. Costa Rica has U.S. style 110 volt outlets.
  • Is there internet access?
    We don’t have internet access/WiFi or mobile reception in our cabins. But you just have to walk 5 minutes up the hill to our yoga deck to have a signal and 4G. The yoga deck is open for our guests from 8 AM to 5 PM.
  • Do the cabins have TV/Cable?
    No. We want our guests to unplug from the stressful world and reconnect with nature.
  • Is there hot water?
    Yes, we do have hot water in the showers.
  • Is smoking allowed?
    No, it is not allowed to smoke in the cabins or on the private deck. We have a designated area near the communal space where it is allowed to smoke. Please respect other guests, the environment and the wildlife.
  • Are pets allowed?
    We love animals and have two dogs ourselves, but unfortunately we can’t accommodate pets in the cabins.
  • Is the water safe to drink?
    Yes, the water at Alegria River Hideaway & Retreats and most spots in the area is safe.
  • What wildlife is around Alegria River Hideaway & Retreats?
    You will see and hear howler monkeys, possibly white face monkeys, in the trees every day. There is a huge diversity of birds especially in the morning which you can observe from your deck or on a river walk. Armadillos and iguanas are also very common in the jungle. We are located in one of the most beautiful and diverse jungle in the world - you never know what wildlife you are lucky enough to see.
  • Can people come over and visit Alegria River Hideaway & Retreats during a stay?
    Alegria River Hideaway & Retreats is exclusively for our guests, because we want to keep our space as familiar, quiet and relaxed as possible. If you want to have friends or family over, please talk to us in advance.
  • When is the best time to travel to Costa Rica?
    Costa Rica has two seasons: a rainy/green season (May - November) and dry/summer season (December - April). The temperatures in general are between 26° - 35° Celsius (80° - 95° Fahrenheit) during the day and between 23° - 29° Celsius (75° - 85° Fahrenheit) at night. During the green season you can experience the stunning lush green nature of Costa Rica, uncrowded beaches and less tourists around the area. Perfect for those who seek for a real jungle hideaway. Keep in mind that it usually rains three to five days a week for a few hours. The rainfalls are the highest during the months of September and October. Dry season is great if you want to escape from the cold winters to soak up the sunshine. You can expect consistent sun and a blue sky every day. Be aware that the environment is much drier during this season and the dirt roads around get dusty. There are also noticeable more tourists on the beaches and in the bigger towns.
  • When is the time for the turtle arribada?
    Alegria River Hideaway & Retreats is located only a 20 minute drive away from Playa Ostional. This is a national wildlife refuge to protect one of the world's most important nesting sites of the olive ridley sea turtle. From September to November thousands of turtles come to this beach to lay their eggs. In general, the arrivals occur a couple of days before the new moon. After 45 to 54 days, the turtle babies hatch and make their way into the ocean. Turtles arrive and hatch throughout the whole rainy season, just in lower numbers than from September to November. You can find further information here:
  • What is a Blue Zone and what does it mean?
    Only five regions in the world are declared ‘Blue Zones’. These are areas where the locals live much longer than in the US or in European countries - many of the people living here turn much older than 95 years. Costa Rica’s Blue Zone is the Nicoya Peninsula, the largest on earth and the one where Alegria River Hideaway & Retreats is located. Learn more about the different factors that contribute to the longevity of the citizens in our blog article.
  • What is the tipping etiquette in restaurants?
    A 10% gratuity is automatically included in all restaurants. When you experience great service, you can add an extra 5 - 10%.
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