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The Alegria New Years Couple's Journey

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Join us: December 27th 2024 - January 2nd 2025

It’s time! It’s time to merge the feminine and masculine essence to connect and understand each other on a deeper level, to create more intimacy and bond in our relationships. We have witnessed the tendency to explore the divine feminine and masculine in separate retreat experiences, it’s time for UNIFICATION and TOGETHERNESS!


Escape to the Costa Rican jungle while nourishing your relationship and enjoy a holiday feeling together with your partner. The Spanish word ALEGRIA means JOY. Intentionally we have created and named our space. It’s an inclusive playground, for non-judgemental exploration and growth. Together we spread joy and light.


"We will start our days with a mindful movement practice, followed by short workshops which will help overcome limiting beliefs, gain clarity and insight, cultivate self-awareness for ourselves and our relationships. In the early afternoon everything is focused on relaxation: there might be a restorative class, a meditation, a journaling activity or quiet time." - Julia, Owner of Alegria River Hideaway

Fun activities will help us understand and accept each other and enhance who we truly are in our essence as a human being, our sense of identity outside of being a partner, a parent, a child, a career. Witnessing the other in their beautiful essence (and challenges) deepens the bond.


Every day you can choose between enjoying our private river front, walking and floating in the river or go on a sunset beach shuttle. Lots of quiet time or alone time will be encouraged. This retreat is for max. 5 couples, a small intimate space to share.

What to expect:

  • being deeply connected with nature and wildlife at Alegria River Hideaway private cabin

  • healthy meals: breakfast, snack and dinner, tea, coffee and water, 1 dinner off site for extra charge

  • max. 5 couples

  • daily mindful movement classes like Yoga, Meditations, BODYART Training, Qi Movement, active meditations, creative GROOVES and more

  • min. 3 workshops to enhance communication, trust and surrender, understand the feminine and masculine, the love languages, breathwork and much more which connects us deeper with ourselves and our partners

  • 1 excursion

  • min. 4 beach shuttles - Alegria River Hideaway is located to plenty of beaches also providing surf opportunities for newbies and experts

Our yoga deck in the middle of the Costa Rican jungle

Special Event on New Years Eve:

For New Years Eve we prepare a special event and dinner for you:

  • A facilitated GROOVE Dancefloor

  • Intention setting ceremony

  • Special 3 course dinner

  • Bon fire and music  

Book now:


3.990 USD per couple in private cabin with AC (1 with King bed, 2 with queen bed)*

3.840 USD per couple in private cabin without AC (1 with queen bed, 1 with 2 double beds)*

Check out our eco-friendly cabins featuring spacious wooden decks, private bathrooms and breathtaking river views here.

Please contact us for bookings, details and payment options:

WhatsApp: +506 7221-0996

*Reserve your cabin with a 1.000 USD non-refundable deposit. Full amount is due until November 30th 2024.


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